bedruthan StepsPochade Boxes

Pochade is a French word which means 'to sketch'.

These handcrafted plein air (outdoor) pochade boxes hold three Winsor & Newton canvas boards securely in the lid and open to the ideal angle for painting. They are fantastic tools for painting freely anywhere, and are very quick to set up and pack down. The inbuilt palette holds brushes, palette knife, paints, turps and dipper safely in the base, and the lid can be closed with the paint still remaining on the palette.

These clever old fashioned box things were used widely in the 18th and 19th century but went out of fashion for many years, now with the realised benefits of plein air painting they're becoming popular again, they're so convenient and don't draw attention like an easel, allowing you to get on with your 'masterpiece'.

A studio in a box. Available in three sizes:

Small: External dimensions 185mm x 225mm x 93mm approx. Holds 6" x 8" boards. Sorry, not available at the moment
Medium: External dimensions 275mm x 235mm x 95mm approx. Holds 8" x 10" boards. Sorry, not available at the moment
Large: External dimensions 285mm x 375mm x 90mm approx. Holds 10" x 14" boards. Sorry, not available at the moment

All purchases will be sent out Royal Mail First Class Recorded and charged at cost. Details are available on request.